The necessity of expressing myself, has been a driven force in my life as an artist. Usually it has miner importance which technique I choose: it can be aquarelle, oil, acrylic or photo. Lately I have been painting mainly with acrylic because it dries fast and it allows me to work more quickly and I can be more spontaneous.

Photo has also taken more space and time in my everyday life.

I decided for ten years ago that I will try to take at least one photo a day with my mobile phone. The purpose was to keep myself creatively active and not to let myself get rusty because of lacking the possibility of painting or creating something. I am really happy that I did my everyday photo project because it has helped me to develop myself as an artist and even resulted a photo exhibition.



I was born in Estonia, Tallinn 1966 &

moved to Sweden, Stockholm 1989

As long as I remember, I have always been fascinated by colours and aesthetics in objects, architecture and in the surroundings in general. I began drawing and painting in early age and it has been a fantastic way to escape from that dull everyday life in the Soviet Union (at that time was Estonia occupied by Russia). All these grey houses in long rows on colourless streets and discrimination by the occupants was something I never liked and never got used to.  The childhood, either we like it or not, affects forming our personality. When I look back to that time, I am sure that my soul was looking for aesthetics, balance, beauty and of course for colours. It was art that came to my rescue. Today I am really happy that I have all this experience from my homecountry. It has made me more humble as a person



My studio is situated at Gärdet nearby my home.

I love to paint big and without a plan. I usually don´t know what I am going to paint, what´s the theme or the colour range. I just start somewhere with one colour and let it grow and keep on painting. I like to see how the painting grows in front of my eyes and it happens that I start seeing something in it or maybe not. Mostly I understand my paintings after a while, sometimes many years later. Then I get the whole picture. While I am painting I can usually understand only a fragment of it. Follow the flow, let it happen and let it grow! Moving my brush frenetically on the canvas and losing the time and space, diving into a fantastic world, a multidimensional world and I love it! With the time I recognise more different levels and depths, it is a wonderful wonderland and I am in it, I am the main actor in this play. I keep on testing new ways, new colours and new techniques. It is all about the journey and never about the result.





  • I have taken part in different group exhibitions  since 1995                     
  • Private art exhibitions 2007, 2021, 2022



  • Member of Swedish Artists Association                   
  • Member of  Roslagens Konstnärsgille

Elin Ulman


& painter


English College in Tallinn

Artschool for Teens in Tallinn

Art  Gymnasium in Tallinn

Estonian Academy of Arts

(preparation courses)

Artschool in Stockholm

Mediaschool in Stockhom

Stockholm, RMI Berghs School of Communication (graphic design illustration)

Stockholm, Beckmans College of Design (visual communication)

NTI School (desktop publishing)

MIROI (digital media)

Stockholm University (psychology)

Stockholm  University (childrens culture, picture theraphy) Bachelor´s degree

Stockholm, Photo Academy (different photo courses)